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Searching for free online data in the hope that it may provide on the spot business answers can be a time costly and often not effective route. Data accuracy and reliability are other aspects.

‘Business information is only of value if you know how to unlock its potential’

Many wasted hours can be spent in searching the web in hopeful anticipation of finding specific information, that may prove to be useful in a business sense and which someone else may not have chanced upon.

Thousands of people-hours are wasted in online searching, because the information that is sought, even if found, is often not available in the form it is needed and may be incomplete; or outdated, and/or as a ‘freebie’ may come from a dubious source. A good example is the term ‘fibreboard’, which applies equally within the fibre-based panels industry and also in the corrugated packaging industry. Such apparent confusion has (and can lead) to a mismatch in the gathering and compiling of company and market information. This is a specific example of how incorrect information may pass undetected depending on the knowledge and experience of the people involved in gathering the data and in its interpretation and application.

Structured information available in a compiled form is another matter, but such information implies that it comes from a specialised, reliable and reputable source, which will generally involve some form of payment.

Data Transcripts Ltd., is an information provider and was formerly a consultancy business that undertook company viability analysis, marketing and procurement advice in the forest products sector.

With 40 years of hands on captive experience, we can offer a: ‘Find For You‘ service in the fibre (wood) based panels industry sector, linked to our information network and current web-based news service.

Managers are invited to contact Riitta Salo, with a view to exploring a bespoke subject search routine, or about a regular information compiling alert service.