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AWA Alexander Watson Associates has bought the MDF business operation from Data Transcripts, including this website, the Fiber Based Panels Bulletin and the MDF Yearbook.

We are happy to take this over and wish to do as good a job as the previous team.

AWA Alexander Watson Associates is a company with a unique industry focus on the specialty paper, film, packaging, coating and converting sector. AWA provides a complement of Market Research, Events, Business Development and Advisory Services. We have been providing clients with expert knowledge since 1971.

We welcome your comments and feedback.

Corey Reardon, CEO,

Maurice Wassen, Consultant editor

Riitta Salo, Consultant editor

Ingrid Leering, Subscriptions manager


The MDF YEARBOOK provides comprehensive global industry statistics and technology & equipment-based information. Since 2013-2014, the YEARBOOK has included Global MDF/HDF/LDF and PB company producer capacity listings, which are based on all known producer companies  on a global, regional and sub-regional scale. This provides a clear comparison of individual company involvement in MDF and PB panels production.

Whatever your level of interest in the subject industry, the YEARBOOK will provide you with a detailed and current update and presentation of the facts, allied to industry progress and change on an annual scale.

Fibre-Based Panels Bulletin  is a 6 times/year management newsletter covering the global panel industry. It provides the latest information on: Company News; Financial/EBITDA; M&A/Investment; Markets/Economy; Management/Business; Material Prices; Product/Materials; and Technology/Equipment.


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